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…Love What You Do…Do What You Love…

Our company´s methodology and passion for life are essential to our success.

Imagine …

a world plentiful of opportunities to be seized by the courageous.

Create …

innovative products and services to enhance life.

Design …

business strategies with purpose and pragmatism.

Focus …

our entire resources to accomplish our objectives.

Execute …

with precision and conviction in our team´s abilities.

Achieve …

success through unity, optimism and perseverance.

We are proud and confident of our portfolio of companies and 

their promising future.



We are likewise certain of our team´s ability to continue to grow our current

companies´ scale of business, along with creating new and exciting markets propositions.

As such, we invite you to consider joining us on this profitable and

stimulating journey by participating in one of the following categories.

Strategic Investor

Investors may select from an existing portfolio company of their choice to invest directly.

Newco Investor

Investors may invest in a newly formed company and its particular business concept.

Strategic Alliances

We unite forces with manufacturers to create a market strategy for their products.


  • Address: Da Tian Road Lane 129, Office No. 33F, Jing An District Shanghai 200041 – People’s Republic of China
  • Phone: +86 021-25991938